First trip to Stuttgart re Grimminger

If I am accused of having made unclear or incomplete statements regarding the trip from Munich to Stuttgart during my previous interrogations, then I will now make a truthful statement.

I can now recall that I received a special 2-week vacation after I returned from serving on the Eastern Front. It is likely that I visited Scholl in Ulm during this time. In any case, I was gone from Munich for 5 – 7 days.

We (Hans Scholl and I) traveled from Ulm to Stuttgart to look up a certain Mr. Grimminger and ask him for money. Earlier I said that this trip took place in January 1943. That is not correct, as I can now recall that it definitely took place in November 1942, that is, shortly after my service on the Eastern Front. I was in Munich during Christmas and New Year’s 1942/43.

While I was in Ulm, I stayed in the residence of the Scholl parents the entire time. Most of the time I spent with Hans Scholl. We repeatedly contemplated the idea of publishing another leaflet so we could win people over to our cause. For the trip from Ulm to Stuttgart, we left Ulm early in the morning and were home by evening, so we did not have to spend the night in Stuttgart.

How we came to speak to Grimminger: Hans Scholl told me that this man whom he knew well would perhaps help us out financially. Hans Scholl did not tell me anything else about Grimminger. When we arrived at Grimminger’s in Stuttgart, we openly declared that we wished to publish and distribute treasonous leaflets and that to do so, we needed money. During this visit, Grimminger did not give us any money, rather he said that he did not have any at that moment and that Scholl should contact him later, which he did in fact successfully do 2 weeks later.


Source: March 13, 1943 interrogation of Alexander Schmorell

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