First visit to Eugen Grimminger (Schmorell)

Question: In addition to you and the Scholl siblings, who financed the entire treasonous undertaking, who made funds available, and where are the remaining funds deposited?

Answer: In January 1943 (sic), Hans Scholl and I went to Stuttgart. There we met Dr. Grimminger in his office; he is around 50 years old and a tax advisor by trade. We told him that we badly needed money for the publication and distribution of treasonous leaflets, and asked whether he could give us some. I assume that Scholl had known knew this man and his political attitudes from earlier, because he had mentioned him. Dr. Grimminger told us that he did not have any money at that time.

But in the end he told us to ask him again, that is later, about this. Although Dr. Grimminger did not make any obvious allusions as to what he thought of the current regime, I can only assume that he is an opponent of National Socialism, because otherwise he would not have heard us out. We returned to Munich without having received any money.


Note: There was at least one trip to Stuttgart in January 1943, but this first trip was November 1942 while Alexander Schmorell ‘visited’ Hans Scholl in Ulm.-Ed.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 1, 1943 interrogation

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