Fundraising (v1.0)

Question: The circumstances seem to indicate that you received donations from third parties to cover the costs arising from the carrying out of the leaflet propaganda.

Answer: I have already stated that this is not the case. All the costs that arose for the procurement of the necessary materials, of the duplicating machine, of the postage stamps, travel costs, etc. were covered by my brother and me alone.

Of course it is correct to say that the amount of money we had available for covering our living expenses, payment of tuition, and procurement of the materials necessary for the production of the leaflets would not have been enough to cover those costs. That is why I was forced to borrow money from various friends and acquaintances.

I borrowed 200 Marks [$1600.00] from Schmorell shortly before Christmas 1942 and about 4 weeks ago, another 45 Marks [$360.00]. I did not tell Schmorell that these sums of money would be used to cover the costs of producing the leaflets. However, he could have or should have assumed that this was the case.

I have known Schmorell for about 1 year, my brother has known him for about 2. I never borrowed money from Schmorell before now. …

I would like to amend my above statement to add that my father paid tuition costs for me and my brother.


Ed. note: Although most of the above is pure fabrication, leaving it in the record. However, it is included at the same point where Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell travel to Stuttgart for fundraising (Eugen Grimminger).


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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