Grimminger explains motivations for first trip

I would like to point out once again that I barely knew [Hans] Scholl, and in contrast, I did not know Schmorell at all. It is therefore understandable that I did not give their statements the same weight as they themselves did. In addition, the discussion lasted such a short time that it was impossible for Scholl to make comments in enough detail so that I would know precisely what they were planning.

I only had the impression that the two of them wanted to distribute a document [called] the “White Rose”. I did not take their statements about connections to professors and other circles very seriously. I therefore was not wrong in my assessment that what they said did not correspond to reality.

Additionally, it was not presented to me as a finished plan, but rather as something they were considering, namely that if the circumstances were right, they would publish this periodical [Note 1].

Schmorell must confirm that I was very clear in speaking with both of them regarding my viewpoint: That I fundamentally reject any act of violence, that I am an opponent of any Communist movement, and that I believe that the government cannot cease operation for even one day, because that would mean chaos and misfortune.

I had a great deal to do in my office and once again Party business, so that I had no time to think about the matter. I also did not think it was very important. I was glad when the two of them left after I made them some empty promises. I had already resolved not to give them any money. I did not even make the effort to learn more about this “White” [sic] etc.

Scholl and Schmorell were already in Stuttgart before they came to see me. Afterwards, they had other discussions close to Stuttgart. I fear that Schmorell has confused the discussions with me with others they had.

The matter was so unimportant to me that I had forgotten the date that Scholl was going to come back to visit me. I also did not think that Scholl would visit me again, since he knew my views.


Note 1: Zeitschrift, or magazine or periodical. Not a Flugblatt, or leaflet.


Source: Eugen Grimminger’s supplemental statement dated March 16, 1943

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