Additional statements: Traute and Leaflet III

Schüddekopf Katharina was led out of police custody. She was interrogated once again regarding item 3 in her letter [Note 1]:

I must state that the statements I have previously made with regards to this statement are true. When I noted in item 3 that Lafrenz already knew the leaflet, that is my assumption because Lafrenz remarked that that was the leaflet she was looking for. I cannot say whether she meant the third edition of the leaflet or the leaflet in general. I do not know why Lafrenz got the leaflet from me, nor to whom she gave the leaflet. Lafrenz did not tell me.

I knew from various comments that Lafrenz made (although I cannot recall any single statements) that Lafrenz did not have leanings to National Socialism. I reached this conclusion through Lafrenz’s statements regarding her pessimistic view with regards to the outcome of the war.

Lafrenz held National Socialism accountable for what she perceived to be a lost war. According to the impressions I received from Lafrenz in reference to her political attitudes, I believe that Lafrenz would most like a democratic form of government.


Note 1: Item 3 stated – I gave the leaflet to someone else and therefore I am guilty of “distributing” it (even though Traute already knew the content and I did not know to whom she gave the leaflet).


Source: Gestapo interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 29, 1943

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