Katharina meets Hermann Tröltsch

Question: Do you know an artist named Tröltsch? What do you know about him with regards to the Scholl matter?

Answer: Through Lafrenz, I met Tröltsch once at the end of November or beginning of December 1942. At that time, we were going to a restaurant to eat lunch. I never spoke about a single word of politics with that man.

I know from Lafrenz that she had read aloud to Tröltsch, who had an ophthalmological illness. He has since died. I do not know whether Tröltsch knew about the leaflets. In any case, Lafrenz never told me about that. I also do not know whether Tröltsch associated with the Scholl circle or if any of them knew him more closely.


Source: Third interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 26, 1943

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