Setting up accommodation address

Remonstrance and question: By interrogation [Note 1], it has been irreproachably determined that the Scholl siblings gave your address as an accommodation address [Note 2]. Why did you keep silent on that point? In what quantity and from whom did the Scholl siblings receive letters or other materials at your address?

Answer: I can recall that around Christmas, Sophie Scholl told me that she intended to had used my address for her correspondence. She told asked me namely whether I had already received a letter from Hildegard Schüle. I could conclude from that conversation that she had given Schüle my address.

But I only received 3 or 4 letters from this Schüle for Sophie Scholl. I do not know what the letters said. Sophie Scholl did not tell me that she had given other persons my address as an accommodation address.


Note 1: Einvernahme: Austrian-Swiss word for interrogation.

Note 2: Deckadresse. Literally, an address used as a cover, e.g. by spies.


Source: Continuation of Gisela Schertling’s March 29, 1943 interrogation

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