Huber, Christmas 1942

Since Professor Huber maintains close contact with his pupils [Note 1] and invites them occasionally to his home, he also invited me to his house shortly before Christmas.

In his apartment, I met his wife and both his children. We had a nice time over a cup of tea. The conversation was carried out in an easy [Note 2] lighthearted manner, with the children valiantly helping us out. His wife asked my advice about this childhood disease and the other, and I willingly gave her my counsel. At the time, the youngest child had whooping cough.


Note 1: By German standards; not to be mistaken for camaraderie between students and professors often found on American campuses. Also interesting to note that Hans Scholl used the word Schüler (pupil) instead of Student (university student).

Note 2: The word “easy” was repeated in the original document, likely a typo.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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