Second trip to Stuttgart re Grimminger

During this visit [November 1942], Grimminger did not give us any money, rather he said that he did not have any at that moment and that Scholl should contact him later, which he did in fact successfully do 2 weeks later.

Scholl received RM 500 [$4,000] from Grimminger. I do not know what conditions Grimminger attached to this donation to Scholl, because I was not present during the second visit. Sophia Scholl reimbursed me (I think) RM 50 [$400] for the approximately RM 230 [$1,840] I had spent.

Hans Scholl told me that Grimminger is married to a Jewish woman.


Note: While the first trip to Stuttgart is imprecisely dated, this second trip has a “good” date of December 21, 1942. Dating based on various letters.


Source: March 13, 1943 interrogation of Alexander Schmorell


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