Willi Graf’s discussion with Heinz Bollinger

During my Christmas vacation from December 22, 1942 to January 6, 1943, which I spent in my homeland in Saarbrücken, I got together with an old classmate Dr. Heinrich Bollinger, whose parents also live in Saarbrücken. I already had planned to travel to Bonn during my Christmas vacation to visit acquaintances there.

I told Bollinger of my plans. He asked me to give his greetings to Chaplain Tack when I had the opportunity. Tack is the student body chaplain I believe at the Academy of Music in Cologne, I am not exactly sure where. Chaplain Tack is between 30 – 35 years old, about 1.75 m [5’8”], and is employed by a parish in Cologne, the one that is fairly centrally located, close to the Gürzenich banquet hall. If I recall correctly, this is the “St. Gereon” parish. Tack is the chaplain’s surname. Bollinger wrote down the address for me (already seized), which must still be on a scrap of paper in my notebook.


Source: Ninth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 7, 1943

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