Hans Hirzel receives Sophie Scholl’s letter

From January 6 through 10, 1943, I was in Stuttgart for a music competition. During this time, the already-mentioned letter from Sophie Scholl arrived. Among other things, she said that I should send all correspondence to:

Gisela Schertling, Munich, Lindwurm Str. 13, c/o Wertheimer.

She did not say why. I also recall that Miss Scholl required that all correspondence [from me] bear a certain return address, specifics I cannot recall right now except to say that it contained the word “Zollhaus”. …

I wrote to that address on two occasions. The first time, I asked what she meant by “the 15th is the deadline”. [Her letter had mentioned “the 15th is the deadline.”]


Source: Hans Hirzel’s March 11, 1943 interrogation (excerpt)

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