Eickemeyer’s observations re political opinions

Question: In your judgment, what were the political viewpoints of Hans Scholl, his sister Sophie Scholl, the artist Wilhelm Geyer, the physiotherapist Harald Dohrn, and the medical students Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf? Continue reading

Katharina’s perceptions of friends

Remonstrance: You have repeatedly stated that you recognized Hans Scholl’s treasonous attitudes because of statements he made. However, you have continually defended yourself with the assertion that you considered Hans Scholl’s political speechmaking to be only empty phrases and word games. Do you wish to continue to make this assertion? Continue reading

Eickemeyer describes meeting with Dohrn

Question: If you left Munich for Cracow on January 12, 1943 and Geyer has stated that you were present during at least one get-together, then that had to have taken place before your departure. Do you know a Harald Dohrn from Wiessee and what kind of meetings took place with him? Continue reading

Gisela Schertling returns to Munich

Since we have been in Munich, we [Gisela and the Scholl siblings] have been together nearly daily. Therefore I also met her brother Hans Scholl, who is studying medicine. I was also with him very often, both in the presence of his sister and also alone. When we were together, we often talked about politics.


Source: Initial interrogation of Gisela Schertling, February 18, 1943