Eickemeyer describes meeting with Dohrn

Question: If you left Munich for Cracow on January 12, 1943 and Geyer has stated that you were present during at least one get-together, then that had to have taken place before your departure. Do you know a Harald Dohrn from Wiessee and what kind of meetings took place with him?

Answer: While I was staying in Munich during Christmas 1942/43, Hans Scholl introduced me to Dohrn in my studio. I do not know why Hans Scholl introduced me to this Dohrn, or why I met him. But it is not unusual for me as an architect to be recommended to various people or to be introduced to them. On the afternoon when I met Dohrn, the Scholl siblings, Geyer, and as best as I can recall another woman in my studio. They were there to talk.

During this meeting, primarily Dohrn talked, telling about his life, his [physical therapy] practice, and his stage productions in Hellerau, about trips abroad and other things as well. I could not tell from that conversation what Dohrn thinks of the current regime, or what his political viewpoints were.

When I am told that Dohrn is a fanatical adherent to and apologist for the Catholic Church, I believe I can confirm that question. I recall that Dohrn talked about the incompatibility of Catholics and National Socialists [Note 1]. He also took a stand against Prussiandom and let us know that he could not agree with National Socialistic ideology. But I did not see anything that suggested he undertook any activities against the current regime.

As usual, Hans Scholl remained withdrawn, even during Dohrn’s discourse. However, the last time I visited them in Scholl’s apartment, Sophie Scholl said that she could not reconcile [the notion of] man’s free will with thoughts of God’s omniscience. I never allowed myself to be drawn into seditious statements on any occasion. I freely admit that many experiences in my life have caused me to be critical [of the current regime].


Note 1: Katholiken und National Sozialisten, not the Church and the NSDAP or National Socialist ideology.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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