Eickemeyer’s political views

I have never at any time belonged to a political party or organization. I have also never adhered to any particular political point of view, because politics always was strange to me, which has particularly been the case in my more mature years.

During my youth, I was always enthusiastic about national matters, but that has gradually been lost. Over time, political power struggles have become distasteful to me as a result of having been exposed to various political viewpoints during the course of my professional career. Politically, I have always thought more subjectively than objectively.

I welcomed the political unification of the Reich, which in a certain sense was achieved by National Socialism. Nevertheless, during the time that Hitler came to power, I condemn a certain political speculative sphere that I believed I could discern both in my professional as well as in my private life. For this and other reasons, I was unable to publicly declare my allegiance to National Socialism and I also did not join the Party.

As regards ideological matters, I identify with the Catholic cultural sphere, but I would not describe myself as a strict Catholic. I have never belonged to a church organization. Till now I have never been accused of or punished for political matters.


Source: Initial interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 6, 1943

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