Hans Hirzel response to Sophie Scholl’s letter

Since I could not receive mail from Munich without my family’s noticing, I told Sophie Scholl that she should send all mail to me at the address:

Walter Hetzel, Ulm, Boden Str. 5.

Miss Scholl wrote to me at that address on two occasions. …

I had told Miss Scholl that when she wrote to Hetzel’s address, she should add the initial “F” after his first name Walter, so that he would know the mail was for me. I only told Hetzel that it was possible he would be receiving mail addressed to Walter F. Hetzel, and that he should give it to me. I certainly did not tell him why. I told him that my parents did not need to know that I was getting mail from out of town.


Source: Hans Hirzel’s March 11, 1943 interrogation (excerpt)

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