Katharina’s perceptions of friends

Remonstrance: You have repeatedly stated that you recognized Hans Scholl’s treasonous attitudes because of statements he made. However, you have continually defended yourself with the assertion that you considered Hans Scholl’s political speechmaking to be only empty phrases and word games. Do you wish to continue to make this assertion?

Answer: I must now as before most emphatically deny that I ever took Hans Scholl’s political speechmaking seriously. I had no idea about his intrigues. I was never initiated into any of Hans Scholl’s plans.

Of course I knew the Scholl siblings Hans and Sofie, but I kept a certain distance from them. We did not even reach the stage where we addressed one another informally [Note 1], which is customary in the student body with even a short-term acquaintanceship.

Remonstrance: You keep on insisting that you did not talk to Lafrenz about the leaflet “White Rose”. It is actually in your best interest to finally admit the truth.

Answer: In this point I must stick with the statements I have already made, even if these seem [to you] to be completely unbelievable.

Question: What do you know about Schertling’s relationship to the Scholl circle?

Answer: I myself do not know Schertling particularly well. I only got to know her within the Scholl circle by her first name of Gisela. I had seen her in Prof. Huber’s lectures. I saw Schertling in Scholls’ apartment only once. I heard from Lafrenz that she frequently associated with Scholl. I cannot make any statements regarding whether or how much Schertling was involved with Scholl’s intrigues, if she was at all. I never learned anything more about it.


Note 1: Dutzen.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, April 1, 1943

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