Monsieur Rousset participates

The second time that Rousset took part was also limited to literary matters. If I recall correctly, it took place around mid-January 1943. The Scholl siblings were present that evening. Politics was not discussed that evening.

I invited Rousset to these literary evenings because I knew that Rousset’s National Socialist attitudes were well-known. I thought that if Rousset were present, the usual political statements made within the Scholl circle would not occur. But I did not tell Rousset of my intentions, because I knew he would decline to come.

I did not name Rousset earlier because I knew for a fact that Rousset had no idea about the political talk in the Scholl circle. He did not come to any additional meetings. Rousset had no idea about what was going on, because I must say once again that whenever Rousset was present, no one in the Scholl circle talked politics.

If I am asked whether I know a Mr. Dohrn, I must reply that I barely know the name. I do not know whether Dohrn is Probst’s father-in-law. It is possible that I met Dohrn once at a meeting of the Scholl circle, but I cannot recall when that would have been. In any case, I did not especially notice that Dohrn took part in the political discussions or stood out.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, April 1, 1943

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