Bischoff’s view of Leaflet V

The leaflet of the resistance movement with the subtitle “Call to All Germans!” promotes strongly defeatist ideas. In that leaflet it states that the war is coming to its certain end. Of course the German government was trying to divert attention to the growing submarine danger.

In the meantime, in the East the armies endlessly retreat and an invasion is expected in the West. America’s mobilization supposedly has not even reached its zenith, yet even now it surpasses anything that has gone before in history. Hitler could not win the war, he could only prolong it.

The German nation had blindly followed its seducers to destruction. Now it must separate itself from the subhumanity of National Socialism and prove by their deeds that they thought differently. One may not believe the National Socialist propaganda that had driven the fear of Bolshevism into one’s very being. One should also not assume that Germany [Note 1] is wed to a victory of National Socialism for better or for worse!


Note 1: The original leaflet said Germany’s salvation or Heil.


Source: Indictment dated April 8, 1943

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