Eickemeyer gives Geyer keys to the studio

Finally Hans Scholl approached me about allowing Geyer to use the studio during my absence, since Geyer has a large family and in the moment he is working in Munich. When I agreed, Geyer came to the studio.

I allowed him to live there free of charge and gave him my own key. Hans Scholl was present when I reached this agreement with Geyer or rather gave him the key. I got the impression from both of them that Geyer was rather critical of Scholl and that he was more of a paternal friend to him.

I think I can say with certainty that the date I gave the key to Geyer was January 12, 1943. By the way, I decided to give the studio to Geyer or rather temporarily make it available to him as a way of demonstrating my assistance to him. When I learned that Geyer is the father of six children, that made a big impression on me. On the same day On the day that I handed the key over to Geyer, I left Munich for Cracow.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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