Eickemeyer gives studio keys to Geyer

Only at the beginning of January 1943 when I met Wilhelm Geyer and after Hans Scholl had asked that I make my studio available to Geyer for the remainder of his local work (approximately 8 weeks) was there even the possibility that besides me and Mr. Mayer the janitor a third party could enter my studio.

Around January 10 or 11, 1943 I gave Geyer the key to my studio. We agreed that he could live and work there, and that he could invite small groups of people to view his pictures in the studio.

Neither Hans Scholl nor Wilhelm Geyer told me when I handed over the keys that they intended to use the studio for political meetings. It seemed obvious to me that Geyer, who was known to the Scholl siblings, would allow these two entry to the studio on occasion. I tacitly believed that Hans Scholl’s entry into my studio – and he was interested in both my and Geyer’s work – would not be of any significance.

I am alarmed by the revelation that Hans Scholl misused my kindness to Geyer in such a rude fashion. In no case did I ever give Geyer or Scholl or any other person permission to take green enamel paint from my studio (which Hans Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, and Willi Graf used to paint the slogan “Down with Hitler!”) or to store other objects for the production of their seditious leaflets in my basement. Incidentally it is correct that I had stored several cans of green enamel paint in my studio for my personal use.

Question: [Note 1] What were the conditions under which you gave Geyer the keys to your studio in mid-January 1943? What did you agree with him regarding when and where you would take possession of these keys once again?

Answer: I gave the keys to my studio only – only – to Geyer. I told him that I would advise him in writing when I intended to return to Munich, so that he could leave the keys with my acquaintance named Mrs. Geiger, who lives at Franz Josef Str. 3 / 2. In any case I did not agree and also did not assume that Geyer would leave the keys with Scholl whenever he left Munich. If Geyer did not keep the keys to the studio on his person at all times in accordance with our agreement, and instead left them in Scholl’s apartment for the greatest part of the time, then he acted without my consent and permission.


Note 1: At this point, Agent Schmauß likely got a new clerk or secretary, because the format of the transcript changes.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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