Fifth leaflet (indictment)

In January and February 1943, two different inflammatory pamphlets were circulated by means of distribution operations and by mail. One bears the inscription “Leaflets of the Resistance Movement in Germany” and the other “Fellow Students!” or “German Students!” In the first leaflet, the notion is developed that the war were heading for its certain end.

But indeed, the German government were attempting to divert attention to the growing submarine threat. All the while, the armies in the East were [supposedly] retreating incessantly, an invasion were expected from the West, and the arms build-up in America apparently surpassed anything that had ever taken place in history.

There was allegedly no way that Hitler could win the war; he could only prolong it. The German people, who were said to have followed their seducers to destruction, would now have to separate themselves from the National Socialist subhumanity and prove through their actions that they thought differently. One was not to believe the National Socialist propaganda, which supposedly infused the nation with a fear of Bolshevism. Nor was one to believe that Germany were wed to National Socialism for better or for worse.


Source: February 21, 1943 indictment

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