General information: Wilhelm Geyer and Gerhard Feuerle

We almost always hung out in [Hans] Scholl’s apartment, where we occupied ourselves with classical literature and magazines. It was then usually 2:30 pm when I left the apartment. Sometimes however I would stay all afternoon. In those cases, we usually ate supper together and often would talk until around midnight.

On those evenings – and it was probably about 10 times – Geyer was also present. And around 2 times, a work colleague of Geyer was there too, but I cannot recall his name. As best as I can recall, he was named either Bäuerle or Bäuerlein.

I can also recall that Schmorell was often there in the evenings. But that was also possible in the afternoons. I believe I saw the student named Graf at Scholl’s [apartment] only during the afternoon.


Source: Gisela Schertling’s interrogation dated March 29, 1943

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