Remington typewriter

Question: According to determinations made by experts it can be assumed that more than two different typewriters were used to write the letters or rather to type the addresses. In addition, I would like to know from you how you got the Remington typewriter.

Answer: To this I can only repeat that only two different typewriters were used to type the numerous letters (between three and four thousand). Namely, Mrs. Schmitt’s [sic] typewriter (the small Erica) and the typewriter that Schmorell obtained.

Also to the question as to where Schmorell got the Remington typewriter, I can only point to my earlier statements. In mid-January 1943, Schmorell brought the Remington typewriter over one day when I was not there. I never asked Schmorell to procure a typewriter.

I therefore assume that the impetus to procure one came from my brother. I do not know to whom this typewriter belongs. However, I assume that Schmorell borrowed it from a friend or acquaintance. But of course, I do not know this for a fact.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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