Alexander Schmorell re meeting with Huber

If I am asked what circle of persons had knowledge about the Scholl siblings’ mode of operation, I would be able to name Professor Huber, whom I met in the University of Munich. About 4 weeks ago, Prof. Huber paid a visit to the Scholl siblings in their residence. At that time, we (Hans Scholl and I) initiated Prof. Huber into our plans. We believed him to be a man who was opposed to National Socialism. Continue reading

Willi Graf looks at fifth leaflet

Late one afternoon in the middle of January 1943 when I was visiting Scholl in his apartment, he gave me a typewritten draft of the leaflet entitled “To the Germans” to read in the presence of his sister Sophie. I read this draft without making any comments either for or against its contents. If I remember correctly, the 2nd part of this draft talked about the establishment of a so-called federalist State. Continue reading

Gestapo comments about fifth leaflet

1. The catchphrase of B is “Freedom and Honor”; the catchphrase “Freedom” reappears in A 53. Indeed, the eye of the person interested in freedom typically falls on “every individual”. (A 51; B 37; correspondingly in B 12, it says “personal freedom”.) In the political-historical view of the author, a new “war of independence” [Note 1] is beginning (A 24); it is very characteristic for this author that this phrase is not used casually on the spur of the moment, but is part of his well-thought-out historical thesis. … Continue reading