Bischoff’s view of Leaflet V

After several additional meetings and political debates, Huber declared his agreement with the publication of leaflets. However, their distribution was to be limited to Southern Germany, because it alone was accessible for thoughts of an established, freedom-oriented form of government.

In January 1943, Schmorell and Scholl each drafted a leaflet which they then presented to the accused Huber. The accused Huber did not approve of Schmorell’s draft, because he believed he glimpsed Communist reasoning therein. Huber made a few revisions in Scholl’s leaflet draft, but in general found it to serve the intended purposes.

The draft of Scholl’s leaflet that Huber edited formed the basis for the leaflet of the resistance movement entitled “Call to all Germans”.


Editor’s note: Bischoff exaggerates the time difference between the visit to Huber’s home in Gräfelfing (January 9), and the date he reviewed the draft of Leaflet V (January 13). There is no evidence of any additional meetings between the students and Professor Huber between those two dates.


Source: Indictment dated April 8, 1943

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