Fifth leaflet, additional comments by Harder

Yesterday’s expert analysis, page 3, number 4, Christian overtones: This now comes clearly into view. Christian expressions multiply. E 38, cloak of wisdom (compare with A 26). …

On the basis of all 6 leaflets, it is possible to construct a sort of political biography [of the author]. The author starts out fairly primitively in C – F (compare the naïve demand [for readers to] duplicate the leaflets). He is decidedly romantic (the maudlin White Rose name). He is not cautious with regards to his political agenda and lets the Christian cat out of the bag. And then he stops his activity. Indeed, he cuts it off unexpectedly.

Following a longish break, he begins anew with A, in January of this year. The political countenance has changed. He has become far more cautious, unromantic, and deliberate. I would like to express the assumption that between these two periods, a foreign influence exists. Clearly some other post, perhaps abroad, has taken notice of him due to the first series of leaflets and exerts influence over him [now]. Therefore his demeanor is now stronger and unerring in reaching its goals (at least as far as he has goals).


Source: ZC13267, Harder’s memorandum dated February 18, 1943

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