Alexander Schmorell re meeting with Huber

If I am asked what circle of persons had knowledge about the Scholl siblings’ mode of operation, I would be able to name Professor Huber, whom I met in the University of Munich. About 4 weeks ago, Prof. Huber paid a visit to the Scholl siblings in their residence. At that time, we (Hans Scholl and I) initiated Prof. Huber into our plans. We believed him to be a man who was opposed to National Socialism.

We told Prof. Huber that we were the producers of the leaflets of the “White Rose” and “Call to All Germans” and that we also distributed these leaflets. Prof. Huber warned us about the dangers of our mode of operation. However, he let us know that he would not denounce us. I assume that Prof. Huber has not denounced us to this date. [Note 1]


Note 1: The paragraph about Professor Huber was included in Huber’s file (excerpt from Alex’s interrogation). See NJ1704, p. 114. However, Schmauß added a sentence that was not included here. That sentence said: “As far as I know, Prof. Huber lives outside of Munich.” Schmauß likely wrote that himself, but he did not note that they were his words, not Alex’s.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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