Hans lectures Gisela on politics and religion

I myself have a good National Socialist education. Especially during the initial phases of my friendship with the Scholl siblings, I always stood up for National Socialist issues.

Later I was unable to assert my own views any longer. Hans Scholl once told me that he would yet dissuade me from my “Prussian thinking”. Continue reading

Writing of fifth leaflet (Scholl-Huber)

Several days later when I was helping Scholl duplicate the leaflet, I determined that the content of the leaflet had absolutely nothing to do with my draft. I can no longer recall what my draft said. In any case, Scholl and Prof. Huber did not agree with it and wrote a leaflet themselves, and that is the same leaflet in question here. The distribution of this leaflet took place as I have already described. Continue reading

Hans Scholl initial account of material purchases

Then I borrowed a typewriter, that Alexander Schmorell procured for me. I do not know from whom Schmorell got this typewriter. It was a portable Remington typewriter with a collapsible type-guard. Continue reading

Stencils and postage stamps

The stencils and absorbent paper that were discovered there after Scholl’s arrest were from our inventory of supplies used to publish our treasonous leaflets. I cannot say for certain whether the stamps that were seized were purchased before my service on the Eastern Front and then kept in my room, or whether they were left over from the mailing of our flyers.


Date is estimate. Placeholder date for purchase of materials for fifth leaflet.


Source: RGWA, February 26, 1943 interrogation of Alexander Schmorell.