Hans lectures Gisela on politics and religion

I myself have a good National Socialist education. Especially during the initial phases of my friendship with the Scholl siblings, I always stood up for National Socialist issues.

Later I was unable to assert my own views any longer. Hans Scholl once told me that he would yet dissuade me from my “Prussian thinking”.

The contrasts were particularly strong because of differences in our views towards the church. I was not raised as strictly Christian as the Scholl siblings, and I did not feel bound to any particular church. Of course I was baptized in a church, that is, Lutheran. But I never pursued any religious interests.

I must admit that under the political influence of Hans Scholl, my political attitude gradually became shaky. It got to the point that I began to doubt National Socialism. In particular, I began to share Hans Scholl’s view that National Socialism limits personal freedom too much.

He was additionally able to convince me that the rights of the churches had been limited too much by National Socialism, and that they had unjustly been cut off. He was also finally able to make me doubt our leadership. However, I never participated in Scholl’s treasonous criticism or that of his circle in any way.


Source: April 1, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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