Hans Scholl initial account of material purchases

Then I borrowed a typewriter, that Alexander Schmorell procured for me. I do not know from whom Schmorell got this typewriter. It was a portable Remington typewriter with a collapsible type-guard.

I purchased the stencils at Kauth and Bullinger Stationery on Diener Street. It was a full box with I believe 10 sheets. I bought a duplicating machine (brand unknown) from Beyerle Company on Sendlinger Street for 240 Marks [$1,920.00]. This machine is located in my friend’s basement. My friend’s name is Eickemayr [sic] Manfred. …

I myself procured everything needed for duplicating work, including the absorbent paper. Only the envelopes were procured by other persons. My sister Sophie, then Gisela, Alex Schmorell, and Willi Graf procured envelopes for me.

I kept all the supplies necessary for the duplicating work in my apartment as long as I needed them. I did not distribute them among other apartments. I bought the absorbent paper in various stores, namely in smaller quantities. I never had any trouble obtaining it, probably because I usually went shopping in uniform. For example, once I purchased 2000 sheets of absorbent paper from Kaut and Bullinger, I purchased 3000 sheets at Baierle, on Odeonsplatz, across from Heller, I obtained 1000 sheets [Note 1].


Note 1: It is unclear in the original document where he purchased the 1000 sheets, and whether Baierle is on Odeonsplatz.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943 (after 4 a.m.)

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