Hans Scholl’s behavior towards Gisela

Hans Scholl was the first man I had sex with. … In the time that followed, I could not break away from him. He followed every move I made.

At the beginning of January, he came to my apartment and once again proved to be very insistent. That time, we really did have intercourse, which in the time that followed became the rule. I reproached myself because it had gotten that way between us. I also told Hans Scholl that it could not go on that way. But Hans Scholl knew how to dispel my concerns, and he promised to marry me.

But then there were days when Hans Scholl would completely neglect me. And then he would once again directly overpower [Note 1] me with his insistent manner. I decided I no longer liked his insistence, which I would like to describe as uninhibited. I told Hans that it could not go on like that, and if he could not control himself, I would rather break up.

Then he started threatening to commit suicide. He said he could not go on living if I left him. And I actually was convinced [to stay] with that, because I assumed that Hans Scholl could do something to himself if our relationship broke up.

I did not feel very good when I realized the political attitude that was prevalent with Hans Scholl and his circle. Particularly at the beginning, I would talk about political matters with Sophie and argue with her, when I saw that she thought very religiously and treasonously. That experience made me decide not to have anything to do with that group [of people].

But Hans Scholl did not give me any time to think for myself. I could see danger approaching any longer that I was unable to avoid any longer.


Note 1: Überwältigen, not vergewaltigen. That is, overpower, not rape.


Source: April 1, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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