Procurement of materials for fifth leaflet

My sister [Sophie Scholl] indeed procured envelopes and stationery, but she had no idea what I planned to do with them. I bought the absorbent paper used in the duplication of leaflets myself, and from various stores. The paper my sister procured was not at all suitable [for the duplication process].

… Regarding the involvement of Willy Graf, I can only state that he did not participate in my crime. It is true that at the end of December 1942 or in January 1943, I asked him to procure envelopes and paper for me. But I did not mention my plans to him, because – as I have already said – I wanted to work alone so that I would not be endangered.

In January 1943, Graf procured around 50 envelopes for me, as I had requested. I do not remember precisely whether he ever procured paper for me. When I am told [Note 1] that recently every stationery supply store has sold equal numbers of envelopes and paper, then [I must assume] that Graf bought paper at the same time that he bought envelopes.

I paid him for everything. Graf is completely innocent, because I told him nothing of my activities and conduct, because I wanted to have to worry only about myself.


Note 1: Presumably by the interrogator. This statement was likely untrue, merely a ruse to get additional information.-Ed.


Source: Third interrogation of Hans Scholl, February 20, 1943

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