Katharina visits Hans Scholl

Remonstrance: In your previous interrogations, you have repeatedly stated that you were never in Scholl’s apartment. Additional investigation and statements made by others prove that the opposite is true. Why have you kept this fact a secret till now?

Answer: During the course of one of my last interrogations, it did occur to me that I had indeed been in Scholl’s apartment. However, I forgot to make that statement.

It is correct that I was in the apartment of the Scholl siblings on Franz Josef Str. I was only in Scholl’s apartment once around mid-January. In any case, it was several days after the events on the occasion of the student assembly in the conference hall of the German Museum. At that time, I had borrowed a book from Sofie Scholl that I was returning.

On that occasion, the siblings Hans and Sofie Scholl as well as Schertling were in the Scholls’ apartment. I stayed at the Scholls’ apartment about 10 minutes. I left with Sofie Scholl and Schertling, who were going to a concert. We talked about the events at the conference hall of the German museum in Scholls’ apartment.

Hans Scholl had not been present at that student assembly. As someone who was there, I told him all about the events at his request. No political debate or statements were made during that meeting.

I can still recall that Hans Scholl said that he would not have sacrificed himself for such a small thing. By that he meant the behavior of the students during the assembly. Hans Scholl also said (paraphrase) that these days, one must prepare himself for something big.

At that time, I did not understand what he meant. However today I know that he meant his big thing. We did not talk further about the events in the conference hall or about politics.

I never spoke to Hans Scholl alone, neither in his apartment nor anywhere else. However, I did look for an opportunity to speak to him alone so I could remonstrate with him about his behavior towards Lafrenz. At that time, Lafrenz was very depressed, because she felt like Hans Scholl had put her aside.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, April 1, 1943

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