What Gisela said she knew

I must additionally deny that Hans or Sophie Scholl initiated me into their seditious activity, such as the production and distribution of leaflets or painting seditious slogans.

Remonstrance and question: It has been determined that particularly during the time that Scholl and his circle were particularly active, you were almost always around. What do you have to say to the remonstrance that under those circumstances, you had to have been initiated into [Hans] Scholl’s plans and activities, especially since Scholl more or less told everybody in this circle about his seditious activity?

Answer: I must continue to insist that there was no talk of any kind of any seditious plans such as the production and distribution of leaflets and the like in my presence. Neither Scholl nor anyone else told me that anyone in that circle was opposed actively working against the current regime.

Of course, I knew of their treasonous attitudes from the various conversations, but I never suspected that neither Scholl nor or any other person in that circle would carry out illegal activity.

The various persons in that circle namely did not seem very suspicious to me. I also did not think anything because of the meetings. I also noticed nothing suspicious in these meetings [Note 1], although I must admit that I should have been suspicious because of the work that Schmorell did at night with Hans and Sophie Scholl.


Note 1: Statement about the “meetings” is in the original document twice.


Source: Continuation of Gisela Schertling’s March 29, 1943 interrogation

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