Alexander Schmorell re production of fifth leaflet

In contrast to the “White Rose” leaflet, we wrote, duplicated, and distributed the leaflet “Call to All Germans” in Scholl’s residence. In the composition of this leaflet, we were solely concerned about continuing our political revolutionary movement [Note 1], which by its very nature was leveled at the Führer.

Together, we wrote the text of the leaflet “Call to All Germans” on the typewriter described [above], Remington brand, in Scholl’s residence. No one besides Scholl and me was present while we were typing. We produced massive quantities of this leaflet in Scholl’s room, using a duplicating machine.

However, we did not undertake this massive production using the duplicating machine we had had at our disposal for the “White Rose” leaflet. Rather, I purchased a new apparatus for about RM 200 [$1,600] in the same store on Sendlinger Str. I do not know what became of the old apparatus. If it is no longer there, then Scholl likely sold it or gave it away. No one helped us duplicate the leaflet “Call to All Germans!” Together, we obtained the addresses for greater Munich from a Munich directory.

Scholl and I addressed the envelopes. We probably produced several thousand (around 2 – 3,000) [copies] of this document. We purchased the stamps used to mail the documents mostly from Post Office 23 on Leopold Str. We jointly bore the costs for paper etc. I am not able to state who had a greater financial interest.

To send the leaflet “Call to All Germans!” outside the city, Scholl and I went to the German Museum and copied out /added by hand: the addresses/ for Salzburg, Linz, and Vienna from the out-of-town directories that are available there. So we would not have to use 12-Pfennig [$0.96] postage stamps for letters to the out-of-town addresses, we decided to distribute these leaflets (some simply folded, some placed in envelopes) by taking them to the city in question for mailing. …

The envelopes used to mail these leaflets were purchased over time by Scholl, me, and Willi Graf.


Note 1: One expects the word Umsturzbestrebungen, or revolutionary aims. Instead, Alex used (or the Gestapo agent incorrectly wrote?) Umsturzbewegungen, or revolutionary movements.

Note 2: At this point (February 25, 1943), Alexander Schmorell was still covering for the rest of the friends.

Date is approximate time – based on Willi Graf’s diary entries – that the duplication process began in earnest. The fifth leaflet was mailed on January 25, 1943. So this post describes their activities from January 20 through January 24, 1943.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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