Early version of leaflet production

Question: Can you use a typewriter?

Answer: Yes, somewhat. I type using only my two index fingers, at a very moderate speed. My father has always owned typewriters, which I have been using now and then for the last 10 years.

Currently, I have access to my landlady’s typewriter, Erika brand. But I type on this typewriter only rarely, and then only impersonal letters or addresses. The letters I mentioned previously – to Nägele, Borchers, and my mother – I wrote even the addresses by hand. I have been living in Schmidt’s house since around November 15, 1942 and her typewriter has been available for my use since then. I do not know precisely when I used the typewriter for the first time. I cannot make any additional, specific remarks concerning this matter.

Question: To your knowledge, who has used this typewriter? And what did they type on it?

Answer: As best as I can recall, Alexander Schmorell typed something on this typewriter about four weeks ago. But I do not know what he typed on it. I do not know that any other person, not even my sister, used this typewriter in my presence.

Question: Do you own or have you owned large quantities of paper?

Answer: No. My parents usually send me the paper that I need. I have never owned larger quantities of paper, nor have I ever seen such outside of my apartment.

Question: In the last couple of years, have you purchased or acquired larger quantities of envelopes?

Answer: No. I also receive envelopes from home. My father has connections to a stationery store in Ulm, and he can get good stationery from them. My father gave me a folder of such things at Christmas.

Question: Do you own a duplicating machine, do you have use of one, or have you commissioned copies to be made [of documents]?

Answer: No. I do not have a duplicating machine and I do not know anyone who could possibly make such copies for me. I have never duplicated any documents nor have I commissioned such duplication work.


Note: As with other entries, this is included here for the big picture, even though little of what Hans Scholl says here is true.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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