Production of fifth leaflet

My brother also typed the stencils for the individual leaflets on the typewriter that “Alex” provided for us. He did this in my presence. We then jointly produced the leaflets on our duplicating machine.

My brother and I – and we alone – typed the addresses.  I generally used Mrs. Schmidt’s typewriter and typed those addresses in which the addressee and address are not on top of one another in a straight line. Rather, for the addresses that I typed, each line is indented a little further to the right of the previous line.

In contrast, my brother used “Alex’s” typewriter and typed name and address on top of one another in a straight line.

My brother and I copied out most of the addresses we used for Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt from the municipal directories that are available at the Deutsches Museum. These were the 1939-41 editions. “Alex” helped copy out addresses once.

It took us about 14 days to get the letters ready for mailing for the cities outside of Munich.


Note: Although at this time, Sophie Scholl continued to deceive Robert Mohr, the bit about who typed addresses using which style is accurate.-Ed.


Source: Second interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 19, 1943

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