White Rose accounting

Question: A notebook [Note 1] was found in your apartment. It contained a larger number of addresses and other notes. What would you like to say in this regard?

Answer: The symbols and numbers on the first page of this notebook contain expenditures (of a monetary nature) that I made for personal items and for the procurement of paper, envelopes, postage stamps, etc. that were used for the production of the leaflets and their mailing. The symbols and numbers that are underlined in red refer to expenditures for purposes of propaganda.

The total amount comes to 385 Marks [$3080.00], at least as far as my records indicate or rather regarding the things I accounted for. I would like to say that this amount is only a portion of our total expenditures for the purposes of political propaganda. I estimate that our total expenditures amounted to 800 – 1000 Marks [$6400.00 – $8000.00], including train fare. …

I also did not tell the truth in another point, and I would like to correct it before this interrogation comes to a close.

The sums of money that were listed on page 1 of the notebook found in my room were solely and exclusively used for purposes of political propaganda (production of leaflets).

On the top left side, there is the letter E, which stands for Income [Einnahmen].  On the right-hand side, there is the letter A, which stands for Expenditures [Ausgaben]. The numbers under E (income) total 1103.50 Marks [$8828.00]; the expenditures total 690.50 Marks [$5524.00].

I must stress that I did not note all our expenditures. In addition, I believe that I either entered one or more of the income amounts twice, or recorded some of the income as individual amounts when the revenue was already included in a larger sum, ie, I double booked. The income and expenses should be about equal since I did not have any more money at my disposal than is shown and our treasury is nearly empty, except for a small sum of about 40 Marks [$320.00].


Note 1: Two different words were used in this question: Notizbuch and Notenheft. They both mean the same thing.

Ed. Note: Included in this record at time of production of fifth leaflet, to give a sense about costs associated with leaflet production.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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