Willi Graf agrees to recruit in Bonn

Question: Once more I pose this question to you and admonish you to give exact and honest answers thereto: When you traveled to Bonn, Freiburg i.Br., and Ulm, whom did you meet with regarding the distribution of leaflets, or rather, with whom did you speak about the production and distribution of leaflets?

Answer: As we were running off the leaflets entitled “Resistance Movement in Germany” – this was approximately mid-January – Hans Scholl suggested that these leaflets should be distributed simultaneously in various cities across Southern Germany. This would have a greater effect and simultaneously would create the impression that this was being done by a large organization with many branches.

While contemplating this, Scholl asked me to meet up with my friends and acquaintances in my homeland and in the Rhineland regarding the distribution of leaflets, at the very least attempting to recruit my friends for our work. I consented to travel to Bonn to see what could be done there.


Source: Seventh interrogation of Willi Graf, March 2, 1943

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