Willi Graf works on leaflet production

It was only about 8 days later, maybe around January 20, that Hans Scholl told me that I should come to his apartment on a specific afternoon and help him produce leaflets. When I showed up as agreed on the appointed day (January 20 or 21, 1943) at Scholl’s apartment, Scholl’s sister and Schmorell were there too, in addition to Scholl.

When I arrived around 5 pm, Hans Scholl was busy typing the necessary wax stencil. We supported one another during the subsequent duplication process, that is, we took turns running off the leaflets (turning the handle). Sometimes I myself tended to the duplicating machine, or I busied myself with collating the printed leaflets.

When I left the Scholls’ apartment around 8 pm that night, between 2,000 and 2,500 leaflets had been run off. As far as I know, the Scholl siblings and Schmorell kept working after I left, rather they continued producing additional leaflets. I could not say how many. I had to leave early that evening because my sister Anneliese (who knew nothing about the matter) was expecting me. I did not wish to arouse any suspicions through my absence.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Willi Graf, February 26, 1943

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