Hans Hirzel’s excuse re January 23

Dear Sophie! [Note 1]

I did not receive your letter of the 21st until the 23rd around 4:45 pm. I considered taking a trip to M. [Munich], but decided not to after all, because it would be too difficult. I hope that there was not too much riding on our meeting, in particular that you did not wish to give me anything other than reports … [Note 2]

[Hans Hirzel.]


Note 1: Written L.S.!

Note 2: Most of the remainder of the letter is difficult to read. Not microfilmed at original size (smaller), so hard to make out letters. Additionally, while Hans Hirzel’s handwriting throughout most of the Gestapo files is very legible and clear, here he must have been agitated (or on LSD), because it’s scratchy and messy. He makes excuses for not having met up with Sophie Scholl. But exact wording is impossible to render. Finally, entire letter is not in file. Only front and back of first page is here.

Editor’s note: Included here, although in Hans Hirzel’s interrogations (to be uploaded later) he confesses that this was merely an excuse because he did not wish to meet up with Sophie Scholl. In other words, the letter arrived in time for him to have made the rendezvous.


Source: Hans Hirzel’s letter to Sophie Scholl, dated January 24, 1943

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