Willi Graf visits Helmut Bauer

I spent the evening of January 23, 1943 with the medical student Helmut Bauer from Saarbrücken, currently a student at the University of Freiburg, since Dr. Bollinger (whom I wanted to visit) was not in town at the time. Once again, I assure you that I did not initiate Bauer in any way into our plans and intentions of producing and distributing leaflets.

I never even considered such a thing with Bauer, especially since he told me that he was currently busy studying for his State exams. Finally, I knew that Bauer is not in good health and that the least excitement causes him to be nervous and panicky. If Bauer is said to know details about our propaganda operations, I cannot explain that. It is however possible that Dr. Bollinger told him something.


Source: Ninth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 7, 1943

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