Discussions with Heinz Bollinger

He [Bollinger] would then have to pay for the postage of sending the leaflets by mail to all social classes among the populace.

Bollinger rejected this unreasonable request, and namely with the words: “I will not sacrifice myself for something like that.” He additionally stated that leaflet propaganda was not the proper way to remedy the previously discussed problems, that time itself would take care of those problems.

Additionally, one must leave such changes or clarifications to qualified personnel. I understood “qualified personnel” to mean appointed government or Party or clerical persons. Because of Bollinger’s oppositional point of view, I did not even show him one of the leaflets. Additionally, I did not tell him about the progress that had already been made in putting this plan into action. [Full page of the interrogation was illegible]


Source: Seventh interrogation of Willi Graf, March 2, 1943

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