Hans Hirzel’s discussion with Walter Hetzel

However, in this context [speaking about the accommodation address] I would not like to keep silent about the fact that I had had political conversations with Hetzel on several occasions. He would have been able to ascertain that I would be receiving letters with political content and that I had secrets to keep in that regards.

During the above-mentioned conversations with Hetzel, I had told him that I had met with a group of students and a professor in Munich who were against the NSDAP, and that I remained in contact with them. I did not show him the leaflets “The White Rose” and “Leaflets of the Resistance Movement in Germany” that I had received.

It is possible that I briefly mentioned the latter leaflet [“Leaflets of the Resistance Movement in Germany”] to Hetzel at the Wilhelmsburg barracks in Ulm on Sunday, January 24, 1943. I would have said that something would be happening soon.

Hetzel could certainly conclude from that that I would be undertaking something against the State. But I do not believe that I told Hetzel that I was commissioned to distribute leaflets in Stuttgart. I certainly did not mention the name Scholl to him.

I have already stated that Hetzel wants to become a Catholic priest. He has been in the army for the past two months. He is probably assigned to APO unit 17942 C.


Source: Hans Hirzel’s March 11, 1943 interrogation (excerpt)

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