Willi and Heinz visit Max Müller

After a short layover in Ulm … [Note 1]

In Ulm, I visited Dr. Max Müller from around 3 to 10 pm. He resides in Ulm, Wilhelm-Murr Str. (house number unknown). Müller is Privy Councillor, namely with the Department of Labor in Ulm. When I was at Müller’s, I also met up with Dr. Heinz Bollinger from Freiburg.


Note 1: Willi Graf initially skipped the events of Ulm. It’s as if the Gestapo (knowing from Heinz Bollinger what they had done) reprimanded him off the record. Nevertheless, his added response barely skims the surface regarding the discussions he had in Ulm.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 1, 1943


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