Alexander Schmorell re Sophie Scholl’s trip to Augsburg

When I am asked about the participation of Sofie Scholl in our treasonous propaganda, I can honestly state that she traveled to Augsburg at the same time as I [Note 1], in order to distribute the “Call to All Germans!” leaflet. I do not know whether she went to other cities after leaving Augsburg.

Of course I was present when our leaflets were addressed or rather I saw the addresses for /added by hand: the/ residents of Augsburg. I do not know who typed the addresses for the residents of Augsburg. I was not present when these were typed. Should it have happened that for example third parties distributed our leaflet “To All Germans” in Stuttgart (outside the scope described [above], then that can only have been occasioned by the Scholl siblings without my knowledge.


Note 1: He did not say “as I traveled to Vienna”, so the clear and misleading implication is that they went to Augsburg together. This entire paragraph sounds confused. Since they were trying to cover for the Hirzels, it’s possible that Alex forgot what the story was supposed to be.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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