Willi Graf purchases stationery

Question: How is it possible that in contrast to the statements you have made thus far, Scholl maintains that you procured envelopes for him which were to be used in the mailing of leaflets?

Answer: Yes, it is correct that around Christmas 1942, Scholl approached me and asked me to obtain envelopes and matching stationery for him, so he could give it to his friends on active duty.

Since I know from personal experience that stationery and envelopes are currently highly coveted things on the front, I assumed that Scholl’s request was legitimate. I slowly but surely purchased around 40 – 60 envelopes and matching paper in the [stationery] stores and gave them to him. Scholl duly paid me for these things.

The first time I bought such paper for him was in January 1943.


Source: Third interrogation of Willi Graf, February 19, 1943

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