Willi Graf lends Hans Scholl money to buy stamps

Question: I must once again pose the question to you: Did you make any financial contributions to the leaflet operation?

Answer: At the end of January – it was the last week in January – Scholl left his apartment to buy postage stamps. This was at a time when a large number of propaganda letters were being prepared for mailing. Before leaving, he counted his money and determined that he did not have enough cash to pay for the desired-for quantity of postage stamps. He then asked me to lend him some money, at which point I gave him 50 Marks [$400.00]. I believed that I would be repaid this sum of money, especially since I have to keep house with the cash that is available to me, or since I do not have anything left over.

I am aware that Schmorell also financially supported this matter, but of course I do not know to what extent. In addition to myself and Scholl, I do not know of any other financial supporters.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 1, 1943

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