Alexander Schmorell – Salzburg and Linz

So we would not have to use 12-Pfennig [$0.96] postage stamps for letters to the out-of-town addresses, we decided to distribute these leaflets (some simply folded, some placed in envelopes) by taking them to the city in question for mailing. For this reason, I took the fast train from Munich to Salzburg at the end of January 1943 (the Salzburg mailing took place on January 26, 1943), carrying several hundred letters.

I arrived at the train station sometime in the afternoon. I passed through the ticketing area headed for the city and posted the letters destined for Salzburg in two different mailboxes next to the train station. When I am told that such leaflets were mailed from Salzburg on January 26, 1957 [sic], I confess that I am the person who did this.

The same day, I caught the next train to Linz a.d.D. [Note 1], where I mailed approximately the same number of our leaflets under the same conditions.


Note 1: “On the Danube”.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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