Alexander Schmorell to Vienna

The next morning (January 26, 1943) around 6 am, Schmorell took the express train to Vienna via Salzburg and Linz. He mailed the letters for Salzburg and Vienna in those cities, concluding in Vienna (he also mailed the letters for Frankfurt in Vienna).

We had prepared 200 for Salzburg, 200 for Linz, 1000 for Vienna, and 300 for Frankfurt.

Only the letters for Frankfurt were not already stamped. We had originally intended to mail the letters for Frankfurt in Frankfurt, in order to save money on postage. But we abandoned this idea because we calculated that train fare to Frankfurt exceeded what we would have saved in postage, had someone traveled to Frankfurt. That is why the letters addressed to persons in Frankfurt bore full [not local] postage and were mailed by “Alex” in Vienna.


Source: Second interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 19, 1943

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